September 22, 2014

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Hot Rods are my life

The Beginnings of Hot Rod Fandom

One very 2014-08-12_1524popular hobby in USA is the modification and tuning of cars of all kinds and age. In this area is also a popular category called Hot Rod, it is based on the modification of old timers from the 1930’s and 1940’s, this kind of vehicles are easy to customize for adding new parts such as oversized engines, tires, electronics and so on. This kind of vehicles are also light in weight and therefore is another characteristic why this kind is chosen, their form is also very particular and makes them special and one of a kind. The very fact that this vehicles are not manufactured any longer gives this hobby a twist due to the added difficulty to find them. The search and most of the time rescue is part of the fun for the people, most of the time these cars are abandoned somewhere in the country and not everyones knows about them too. The people interested in this hobby have builded their own network of people to contact them and to search for these cars, the most exotic and weird the car is the better and of course the most expensive it will be. The prices for the unrestored vehicles is also a mystery, it all depends on where and who owns the vehicle remember that we are talking about very old and abandoned cars. Sometimes this cars are somewhere in the middle of the country in a farmland, no papers or identity of the car are available, possibly the owner is not around and the people have no idea how to classify the car to give a correct value to it, but if the car is on a farm it belongs to the owner of the farm. Only the people searching for theses vehicles have most of the time an extensive knowledge about them and therefore they can sometimes buy the car for a very low value and then do the proper restoration to convert it into a hot rod.
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I am Marc. A Fanatic automobile tuner. I do all kinds of modifications to my cars in order to create the coolest and most creative cars ever. Im also proud of creating the fastest cars I can and enjoy the sound they make when they roar.

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