May 30, 2017

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Hot Rods are my life

Import Car Performance Tuning

Does that sound confusing to you? Well, if you’ve never tuned your vehicle before for improving its performance, then you’ll not know. Tuning can help to ramp up functionality and overall style of an auto. Customization require adherence to specific alterations, but it is always advisable to choose the ones offering real advantages with regards […]

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What Buyers can Expect from the 2017 Honda Civic

Honda has just recently unveiled its offering for the next year at the recently concluded Geneva Motor Show. The car maker has successfully revealed the prototype for the Civic Hatchback production model that is expected to be arriving soon. For those who are interested to find out what the new model has to offer, here […]

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How to Plan DIY Car Modifications

While car modifications have become increasingly more popular, they can end up costing a small fortune. The good news is that DIY car modifications allow you to make the modifications yourself, reducing the labor costs to $0. For example, you could modify a 2015 Kia Forte and make a cheap car look like a very […]

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5 Common Types of Sports Car Modifications

A high-performance sports car is one of the best options in the auto world. Modifying them can make them even better! While there are several ways to modify a sports car, here are some of the most common methods: 1. Wider tires It’s often been said that tires are the most important components on a […]

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Common Vehicle Tune up Tasks and How to Do Them Yourself

Maintaining your vehicle so it can perform its best doesn’t have to eat into your budget. It’s not uncommon knowledge that sending your car to be maintained by a professional crew can send you into a sticker shock episode. Many of the common tasks can be done at home by yourself so long as you […]

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One of the Most Influential Inventions To This Day

It can be argued that the automobile has been one of the most influential inventions to this day. The present vehicles owe their inspiration from a collaboration of ideas from their predecessors. The earliest record of an attempt to build a vehicle stems from the 17th century. A priest in China attempted to build a […]

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Similarities between Jet Planes and F1 Formula Cars

F1 formula cars and fighter jets are related in more ways than one; they go fast. The North American X-15 currently holds the highest speed record for the fastest aircraft. With a top speed of 4,520 miles per hour, it is revered by many and piloted by few. Formula One race cars can reach speeds […]

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The Beginnings of Hot Rod Fandom

One very popular hobby in USA is the modification and tuning of cars of all kinds and age. In this area is also a popular category called Hot Rod, it is based on the modification of old timers from the 1930’s and 1940’s, this kind of vehicles are easy to customize for adding new parts […]

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I am Marc. A Fanatic automobile tuner. I do all kinds of modifications to my cars in order to create the coolest and most creative cars ever. Im also proud of creating the fastest cars I can and enjoy the sound they make when they roar.

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