May 30, 2017

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Honda has just recently unveiled its offering for the next year at the recently concluded Geneva Motor Show. The car maker has successfully revealed the prototype for the Civic Hatchback production model that is expected to be arriving soon. For those who are interested to find out what the new model has to offer, here are some of the details that Daisuke Tsutamori, the chief designer for the car, has to say.

The model does not feature a 2.0 liter. The maker does offer engines that feature 2.0 liters for a 158 hp and 1.5 liter engines with 174 hp, it is expected that the Civic Hatchback is only going to feature a turbo motor. Though the 2.0 liter models have been subjected to recall recently, this does not have any bearing with the maker’s decision. The reason why the model features a turbocharged engine is because Honda believes that this is the most suitable engine that will suit the car as it is expected to be more geared towards a direction that is more focused on performance. This is an indication too that the price for this model is expected to be offered at a premium especially when compared to the rest of its lineup.

It is expected too that the type R which will be sold in North America is going to be a hatchback. This is the car that will serve as the performance focus of the lineup that Honda has established. The makers have acknowledged that the Civic has indeed become the more rational model and they want to move away from such an impression with the coming of the new Hatchback.

Buyers may expect a 2017 honda civic that is going to be a hybrid in the future as well. This has been revealed by the chief designer, Tsutamori himself. This is due to the fact that the manner in which the car’s platform has been designed to be flexible. This should allow the makers to successfully incorporate in it the latest when it comes to the technologies involved with electrification.

There are even those who can expect that the Civic can become Honda’s new Accord. This is due to the fact that the Civic has a platform that is quite flexible enough that there is a high possibility that it can actually be used as a platform for cars that are considered to have a larger segment. His might mean that the platform sharing for Honda is likely to share the very same structures when it comes to their new Accord.

It should be noted that the model is actually inspired by the Lamborghinis. Tsutamori has revealed that he was actually inspired by supercars when he was penning the prototype for the new Civic Hatchback. He has revealed that when it comes to supercars, he prefers Lamborghini. This is quite obvious if one were to observe the Hatchback’s neon details, its black accents, as well as its matte gray color.

People who want to know if the prototype is going to get that design where the exhaust pipes will exit at the center might find that it is a possibility. After all, the car maker has since been known to roll out concepts that tend to be just slightly modified versions of the actual production model. So, it does seem very likely that the prototype will be close to production.

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